Alamar Surf House

youth camps

Alamar Surf School is situated in Salinas, Asturias. This town has a white sand beach which spans over three kilometres in length, making it one of the longest in the region. Salinas has a great tradition in the sport that is surfing, so much so that the town hall promotes the town as the “City of Surf”.

Alamar Surf School has a privileged location, situated a few metres from the beach and in the centre of town. This is an enormous advantage for our students, as they can be at the beach in a few minutes by foot and in complete safety.

The instructors have a wide range of experience in the world of teaching sport, they are certified by the Spanish Surf Federation and have knowledge in first aid and life-saving. All of this allows us to guarantee the safety of each of our students and we also have a wide range of insurance coverage.

The surf classes will take place at the Salinas beach which has optimum conditions for practising this sport, with the greatest frequency of waves in the north of Spain and excellent orientation, which guarantees waves all summer with generally very good wind conditions.

Camps for minorsThe camps are designed for boys, girls and young people who want to enjoy a few days away from their home in a natural environment, practising sport and having fun.

This week is designed for practising surf.

Description of the activities

Surfing is the main activity and it will be done daily. Everyday there are surf classes in the morning and supervised surfing in the afternoon. Our students would pick up their equipment at our plot, put on their wet suits in the changing rooms and only have to walk a few metres to get to the sand.

The duration of the morning activities is of two hours, in which the first twenty minutes are designated to warming up and theoretical classes on the shore, talking about positioning, safety… and the rest of the class will be spent in the sea.

Since the camp lasts a few days, we recommend that the duration of the supervised surf class in the afternoon be of less duration and some days it would be good to have a break.

Besides surfing, there are other activities to do such as long-skate classes, in which basic skating skills will be taught. The promenade of Salinas beach is the perfect place to learn this sport thanks to its size, how flat is is and because it’s so close to out accommodation.

We also organize tennis matches in a nearby sports club, also on the promenade of Salinas, and of course volleyball and football matches on the beach.

All the necessary sporting equipment for these activities, such as surf boards, wetsuits, long-boards and all accessories, are contributed by the organization of the camp. The students only need to take casual clothing and clothing for practising sport. There will be no problem if any student wants to bring their own equipment.

Our goal is that each day of the camp is filled with activities in which all the girls and boys are comfortable and enjoy themselves. Besides practising sport we will also give talks on meteorology, the forming of the waves, currents.. talks which are focused on understanding the sea. We consider this necessary so that in a near future our students can practise the sport in complete safety. They will also be given first knowledge on first aid and how to respect the environment that surrounds us.

Video correction days will be had, which consist in filming the students whilst they surf and later watching the videos to correct their posture and analize their mistakes. This technique helps a lot to improve in the water.

Night time soirées will also be organized in which we will do all kinds of different activities.

Visit to the Arnao mine

The Arnao mine is part of the most emblematic mining heritage in Spain. Located close to the surf school, it constitutes the oldest exploitation of coal on the Iberian Peninsula, the oldest shaft in Asturias and the only underwater mine in Europe. Closed in 1915, its wooden derrick and underground gallery allow us to relive the ambience of a primitive mine.

We can get to know the history of the complex through audiovisual resources, panels and various images from the past . You can walk to the museum, a bus is not needed.

Description of the accommodation

We have four, six, eight or ten people rooms, each with their own independent en-suite bathroom, and the ten people room has two bathrooms. Thanks to this layout of the rooms, we can separate girls and boys by age or gender, or any other criteria, in separate rooms.

Breakfast will be had in the house. Weather permitting, it will be in the garden or on the porch and in case of rain, in the lounge on the ground floor. The rest of the meals will be had in the restaurant next to our installations. The food is home-made and there are various starters and main courses for the girls and boys to choose from. The menus will be balanced and nutritional, with dishes that they enjoy. The desserts are varied, from fruit or yogurt to home-made desserts.

The camps are organized during the months of June and July (inquire about dates)

Price: 495 €/ person


  • Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Surf classes every morning(2h/each day) with equipment included and supervised surfing in the afternoons
  • Visit to the Arnao mine
  • Organisation of multi-activities (video correction, long-skate, football matches, volleyball)
  • Liability insurance (maximum coverage)
  • Accident insurance (maximum coverage)


Our activity is based on three fundamental pillars: the safety of our students, having fun and respecting nature and the environment.